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Registration is OPEN for 2022 Season! (May)

For youth 13-17 yrs of age and U12 development players for selection into program.

Register online below!

Iroquois Roots Rugby Tour Teams 2020

original - 2023-08-01T151838.421.jpg

Trevor McDonald

Cayuga Nation/Wolf Clan

"I like playing for Iroquois Rugby because I get to represent my community"

original - 2023-08-01T151838.457.jpg

Ethan Jamieson

Cayuga Nation

"I like that I am representing Six Nations in a sport that I enjoy playing"

original - 2023-08-01T151838.511.jpg

Zach Bomberry

Cayuga Nation/Deer Clan

Playing rugby feels natural to me and it means a lot to play for a team that comes from my roots" 

original - 2023-08-01T151838.552.jpg

Ayden Blazynski

Cayuga Nation/Turtle Clan

"What I like about playing for Roots Rugby, is that we are like a family"

Ben Salandy

"I would like to increase my rugby experience, grow with the rugby culture, make new memories and make new friends at Roots Rugby" 

Charlie Gulabsingh

"I like playing with Roots Rugby because it lets me play a sport I love while meeting new people" 

Jarred Martin

Cayuga Nation/Wolf Clan

"I like playing rugby because it's a game that gets everyone involved.  Playing for Roots gives me the opportunity to represent my home community, Six Nations of the Grand River." 

Kalen Boxell

Logan Dowell

David Stralak

original - 2023-08-01T152210.658.jpg

Mercedes Hill

Kanyen'keha:ka (Mohawk Nation)

Wakenyahton (Turtle Clan)

"I enjoy playing rugby because it helps with my mental and physical health. Playing for Roots also gives me the feeling of value and strength and makes me feel that I'm needed and have a purpose"

Rachel Miller

Onondaga Nation/Wolf Clan

"Roots Rugby has given me the opportunity to learn new things and make new friends" 

Cara Hill

Mohawk Nation/Wolf Clan

Kiana McNaughton

Tuscarora Nation/Turtle Clan

"Since I started playing rugby it's shown me a different path at my young age. When I'm practicing with my team or playing out on the field, it's like chilling with my family. Rugby isn't just a sport, it's medicine. It has built my strength and confidence to keep pushing forward in anything I do"

Ava Hill

Mohawk Nation/Turtle Clan

"I look forward to playing and growing with Roots Rugby"

Jacy Hill

Mohawk Nation/Wolf Clan

"I like the rush I feel before a game  Playing rugby is exciting and fun and you never know what's going to happen in a game" 

Chi Palata

"I'm excited to play with Roots Rugby because I want to help grow rugby in Ontario and Canada"

Emma Lint

Stephanie Atkinson

Megan Bennett

Ngozi Mosindi

Ella Widdis

Coaching Staff

Meagan Wilson

Mohawk Nation/Turtle Clan

"Coaching Roots allows me to give back to a game and community that have done so much for me personally. I enjoy watching the athletes grow into rugby players week by week." 

Greg Wise

"Being a part of Roots Rugby is amazing because we are given the chance to work with young, passionate rugby players that are growing the game" 

Paul Myers

"I enjoy coaching rugby, a game that's fun, inclusive and welcoming to all.  It teaches discipline, integrity, respect and teamwork. It rewards hard work. Above all, it teaches resiliency in the face of adversity, how to get back up, dust yourself off and move forward" 

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