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Welcome to Iroquois Roots Rugby


To de‚Äčliver an Indigenous-led program that promotes the sport of rugby to First Nations youth in Ontario in accordance with the Truth and Reconciliation's Call to Action to:

*Reduce barriers to sport participation;

*Promote physical activity as a fundamental element of health and well-being;

*Increase the pursuit of excellence in sport, and

*Build capacity in the Canadian sport system to be inclusive of Indigenous people. 


To engage Indigenous youth in the sport of rugby while preserving Indigenous culture and recognizing the unique environments of First Nations communities in Ontario.

Rugby Camps

We wish to bring our camp into as many of Ontario's 133 First Nations as possible! These 1-2 day camps will be open to youth from 5-19 years of age and will focus on FUNdamental rugby skills through game-based techniques.  And best of all, camps will be FREE of charge!

Building our Roots Rugby Team

Iroquois Roots Rugby has our 1st U18  Boys and Girls 7s teams!  Our 1st games ever were played at the Great North 7s tournament in July 2019! 

We are currently training for our 1st International tournament, Tropical 7s in Orlando in April 2020!  

Creating Rugby Fans

Iroquois Roots Rugby hopes to create an appreciation for Rugby in First Nations, Metis & Inuit communities. Support for the sport and the athletes is just as important as direct participation.


To support Iroquois Roots Rugby contact us at:   [email protected] or [email protected]

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